To our customers, we offer our ready-made products as well as custom tailored design of electronics and embedded software. We provide comprehensive services in design of smart IoT sensors and embedded devices - from the first functional samples to serial production. First we gather all of the customer's requirements then we perform system analysis and finally we propose optimal solutions.

We emphasize the quality of our products and long-term customer satisfaction. In terms of product development and service delivery, we build on years of experience in aviation. Our products are tested in the Science and Technology Park (VTP UNIS) with the latest equipment for EMC tests, climate and vibration test chamber.

IoT Consulting

We are facing many innovating challenges and IoT is one of them. The IoT is one of the biggest potential of the future and the top priority for many companies. Providing quick and effective solution is one of the our main competencies for your innovating project. We are ready to transform your ideas to physical product development including process settings across all key areas.

Business model and strategy

Appropriate and effective business and marketing strategy in your target country is crucial for proper boost for your sales. We understand the numbers and how to engage customers. New products, new competitors, new opportunities - everywhere around us. Thanks to us, you do not have to be constantly on the alert and you will always be one step ahead.

Use case

Are you in a blind alley with definition of use case of your product? Our technical skills and know-how from several industrial fields are ready to help you and solve your needs. We can advise you in definition of the entire product concept or do technical analysis according to your specific requirements and needs.

Product design

We know that product design is important no less than technical function of product. If you have any problems with product design or you are just looking for modern one, send us your ideas and we will take care of the rest. We are capable to prepare the complete production data of your product, including both the electrical (PCB) and the mechanical parts (data for 3D printing, design and production of molds for vacuum casting and injection molding).

Proof of concept

Product is defined, designed, manufactured and tested? Let's go to market and have it tested in real conditions and gain new experiences and views. We can help you with going to market, set strategy and conditions of PoC.

Customer adjustment

We are open to do customer adjustment of our sensors according to your exact needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Commonly-demanded changes:
  • Availability for all Sigfox radio zones (RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6)
  • New design using different communication module (LoRa, NB-IoT)
  • Adjustment of device dimensions
  • Increasing of device life time
  • Adding additional sensors (pressure, temperature, humidity ...) and increasing the versatility of the sensor
  • Specific SW modifications based on the exact use case

HW development

We can develop electronic devices according to the customer's requirements ensuring the complete development cycle of the product - from design of analog and digital parts, through PCB design, prototype production, manufacturing acceptance tests and production documentation. We have experience in both quick prototype design and full development cycle according to specific industry standards (aerospace, automotive, rail).

SW development

SW development can be tailored to the customer’s exact needs - from simple monolithic to real-time OS applications. Software architecture is always chosen to match its requirements and to assure quick implementation. Our code is tested in unit and system-based tests.

Benefits of working with us

Understanding customer needs

We strive to understand our customer to the last detail. The customer usually comes up with the first idea and we finish his vision.

Fast and cost effective solution

We build on our long-term experience in product development. We can quickly and easily overcome even problems we haven’t solved yet.

Quality and reliability

Our internal processes guarantee high quality. Every product goes through an internal review and we thoroughly test our products.
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