uniNB GPS – промышленный IoT датчик движения

uTrackies – your reliable track buddy for everyday use. Simple, small and low-power IoT tracker with Bluetooth and SOS button with programmable function based on Sigfox network offering GPS or Sigfox Atlas geolocation, so you don't need any sim card.

During our developing cycle we have already optimized all energy saving algorithms so uTrackies is super energy efficient. You can easily used it to protect and track your non-powered assets.

uTrackies is typically used for tracking of your luggage, pets, bikes, motor-bikes, vehicles, boats, kids or seniors. It can be also used to track equipment, instruments and parcels in logistic companies. Thanks to its small size, it can be used to track virtually anything and anywhere (indoor, outdoor, offsite) without any limitation.

uTrackies is waterproof and it has a durable and weather-proof modern design. You can also choose possibility of attachment (none, one-sided, two-sided) and its colour design. The battery lasts up to 3 months and then you just simply recharge it by typical USB charger.

It's not a classic IoT tracker. uTrackies also has a SOS (panic) button and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) module that can be used for direct connection to a mobile application or for indoor tracking using BT beamers. So you can even track your property with BLE inside building or store. Simply pair uTrackies through our mobile app to customize your device's parameters.

SOS (panic) button

You never know in which kind of situation you may find yourself. Using SOS button could help you. You can set 4 different messages by configurating button via PC or mobile app which are send to your family or closest friends.

SOS button functions:
  • Short press (less than 2 seconds)
  • Double press (two short presses with delay less than 1,5 seconds in between)
  • Long press (more than 2 seconds)
  • Extra-long press (more than 10 seconds)

The typical use cases of uTrackies

  • Safety of your children Are you worried about your children? Now you don’t have to. You can calmly track your kids on their way to school or to hobbies. In case of dangerous situation, they can send you an alert message by SOS button.

  • Sport & hobbies Feel safe and enjoy your outdoor activities like cycling, skiing, climbing or hiking and many others. Keep your family and friends informed if anything happens to you or just set alarm states and secure your bike or any other sports equipment.

  • Track your pets Are you a truly pet lover and don’t want to lose your pet again? uTrackies is waterproof so don’t worry if your four-legged friend want to swim in nearest river or lake. You will never lose out of sight of your pet with uTrackies.

  • Parcel tracking & logistics Delivering packages or contracts with sensitive data should be fast and without any losses. Having a clear overview and information about current GPS location is crucial to prevent unexpected damages.

  • People with special needs People with disabilities always require special attention. Take care of them – anytime and anywhere.

  • Car monitoring Are your car being serviced? Do you want to be sure no one drives your car? Have you parked your car at unknown place? Just hide uTrackies in your car and keep an eye on what is happening to your car.

  • Locate your equipment & field workers Losing your expensive work equipment may cost you a lot of problems like extra costs and failure to meet deadlines. Are your field works working in dangerous places and you want to always have an information about their exact location? You will solve all these problems and many others by using uTrackies.

  • Complex device for the elderly Taking care of your elderly can sometimes be very challenging. They can easily occur in dangerous situation. Having a sure about their location can be very useful for you and their caregivers.

Benefits of uTrackies

The sensor performs the following basic functions:
  • Tracking of object movement
  • Geo-fence
  • SOS button for sending alarm messages
  • Bluetooth
  • Overview of object activities
  • Accurate record of object utilization and unauthorized manipulation
  • Clear and easy overview of inventory
  • Trends analysis, data history
Typical alarm states:
  • Change in position of the object beyond the defined perimeter
  • Alert messages by pushing SOS button
  • Exceeding the limit temperature (fire)
  • Fall identification

Technical parameters

Power supply
Battery power:
Internal rechargeable battery 1x 3,7 V 1000 mAh
Battery life:
Up to 3 months
System connector:
microUSB, type B (charging and upgrading firmware)
Radio network:
Sigfox RC1, 868.13 MHz
Up to 50 km (open space)
BLE compliant with Bluetooth v4.1
Other information
Operating temperature:
from -30 °C to +70 °C
81 x 49 x 15 (w x h x d)
62 g
SOS button:
Alert messages, programmable function

Principle of communication

The uTrackies sensor communicates over dynamically evolving radio network Sigfox for IoT (Internet of Things) with a frequency band of 868.13 MHz. Sigfox allows bi-directional communication of sensors with a limited number of feedback messages. Thanks to Europe-wide coverage, it is possible to communicate and control all sensors especially on a long distances cheaply, safely and with a low power consumption.

The data from the sensor is sent via the Sigfox radio network to the PHARIS IoT Cloud where the data is processed and prepared for view.

PHARIS IoT can also send data to customer’s platform or uTrackies can be provide as a pure HW with Sigfox ID and PAC.


Putting into operation

The sensor should be located in such a way that it is possible to receive GPS signals (unshielded space).

First activation of the sensor is done by our application by connecting to a PC via a microUSB connector.

Available color designs

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