PHARIS IoT – universal cloud platform

PHARIS IoT is an open modular information system for collecting and evaluating data from IoT devices whose philosophy is to adapt to the requirements and the customer's proven processes.

PHARIS IoT can be connected to other information systems (ERP systems) to enable streamlining of enterprise processes by increased data transfer automation.

System architecture

User/application interface

The PHARIS IoT system communicates with the user through a standard web interface in which the user can set all system and device configuration data. The web interface provides a convenient tool for working with IoT devices.

In addition to the web interface, it is possible to connect to the system via the REST API which enables easy connection to other computer systems. With REST API, data can be transferred to ERP systems or you can use the PHARIS IoT service directly from desktop or mobile applications.

Core IoT Services

The core of the system consists of a server infrastructure and a database application.
The server infrastructure with a database application takes care of the smooth running of the system and seamless processing of large amounts of data.
Above this infrastructure run device management services, user management, and data processing and analysis services.

The PHARIS IoT system enables advanced device management with device type definition and their incorporation into the hierarchical structure corresponding to the organizational units.
User management allows you to control access to individual system and device modules within a single entity. Users can be grouped by type, authority or organizational responsibility.
Data can be analysed using user-defined reports, including alarms and trending in data.

Device Connector

Device Connector is used to define individual data sources - data for each device that connects to the cloud. In this module, both incoming and outgoing messages for each device type can be defined.
Data can be parsed and edited by user-definable rules.
Due to the versatility of I/O functions, it is easy to connect sensors from different manufacturers with different communication protocols to the system.

System operation

The PHARIS IoT system can be run in both public and private clouds. The public cloud runs on UNIS public servers whilst private a cloud can be run on client servers and in client premises. In the case of a private cloud, all data management is under direct control of the customer.

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