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The Embedded Systems and IoT solutions (EIoT) was established as a spin-off of Division Aerospace and Advanced Control (DAAC) as integral part of UNIS, a.s. The EIoT section provides full support for development, testing and manufacturing processes in the field of intelligent sensors and IoT services, including cloud infrastructure and user applications.


We provide our customers modern high-quality sensors and IoT technologies, including a comprehensive solution of monitoring and information systems. We put emphasis on quality of our products and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to become the number one in the field of IoT sensor development and delivery of cloud solution.

Main competencies

HW Development

We are able to design complex analog and digital circuits and electronic control systems.

SW development

We can design SW architecture that fits application needs. From monolithic architecture to RTOS solution.

Prototype production

We can quickly design and visualize the future form of the product.

Design of the production process

We will set production process to be as quick and cheap as possible.

Design of automated tests

We will design automated test workplaces to accelerate production and output acceptance tests in serial production.

Design and integration of IoT technologies

We advise you how to integrate solutions from several vendors into one functional unit.

Customer Support

We provide our customers with warranty and service throughout the whole product lifecycle.

Other activities offered by UNIS

UNIS a.s. is a Czech private company founded in 1990.

UNIS, a.s.

The main activity UNIS, a.s. is realization of projects in investment development aimed at the branch of oil and natural gas processing, petrochemical, chemistry and power industry in supply form – so called „turn-key“(model EPC or EPC-M).

Aviation engineering

HW and SW custom-tailored design, own product development and production in the field of aviation is provided by the „Division of Aviation and Advanced Control“.


The „Manufacturing Information system - MES“ is developed and distributed under the PHARIS® brand and it is used for complex management of manufacture in discrete production plants (metal production, plastic pressing shops), including arrangement of guarantee and post-guarantee service. The news in the branch is the developing partner program, the aim of which is to search for suitable subjects with the purpose of extension of the MES PHARIS® implementation abroad.

Testing laboratories

Testing laboratory VTP UNIS offers tests of electromagnetic compatibility EMC, tests of mechanic and climatic resistance and tests of accelerated testing methods with the aim of reaching a higher reliability of a product called HALT/HASS for a wide assortment of industrial products. These tests are required for example for airborne components as well as products for automotive, railway and other safety-critical industries.
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